Segelunterricht der in deinem Kalendar passt

If you ever wanted to learn how to sail, now is the time. Erstmal Segeln offers made-to-measure sailing instruction that fits your schedule. Our practical, hands-on focus means that you spend less time looking at books and more time in the water. After all, you can always read up on theory at home.


Less than an hour's drive east from Hamburg and north from Lüneburg is the Ratzeburger See, one of the best sailing lakes in Northern Germany and a superb location for learning how to operate a boat and understand the winds. In addition to sailing instruction, we also offer boat rentals.



Die Sonne im Gesicht und der Wind im Haar: wie ist das Segeln eigentlich ? So sieht der Unterricht bei uns aus.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating: if you want to know how we teach sailing, you should ask our students. We've collected a few testimonials.


Ob Sie Anfänger sind oder schon Segelerfahrung haben, wir bieten maßgescheiderte Segelkurse für Erwachsene, Jugendlichen und Kinder an.